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Rooted in the Universal Law that there is no separation (we are all in this together), Maq Ele' will provide your team with an experiential, customized, group facilitation process.
This process will not only transform the interactions within your team, it will support your team members in transforming their daily interactions in every area (personal, familial, etc.) of their lives.
Your team will emerge from this experience with:
 -  Improved morale
 -  Awareness that their presence matters within your team
 -  Tools and skills in how to be an effective team player
 - “How to” apply the tools and skills to their personal lives
Maq Ele's team building, group and facilitation clients include: 
 - Teams and Organizations
 - Sororities and Fraternities
 - College/University Conferences and Programs
 - Corporate/Professional Training, Events and Outings