Coach Maq is an exceptional and dynamic coach that is focused on the entire wellness of the individual. She is very "client-centric" and tailors each session with an ultimate goal, yet with a specific focus to the client's needs. This was my first time receiving spiritual life coaching and I decided to embark on this journey to understand myself and vision for my life during a time when I was unsure about a lot of things going on in my life. Coach Maq's approach to coaching allowed me to open up and be authentic and challenged me to focus on opening up and yielding myself to the Universe. I have a clear idea of my vision and have been more motivated than ever to ensure that it is achieved. I would highly recommend Coach Maq for spiritual life coaching.  
C. Nolan, Winston Salem, North Carolina  
I have been coaching with Coach Maq for a couple of months now, and already I feel a tremendous difference: I feel energetically lighter – not emotionally weighed down as before; calmer / peaceful – my inner critic is not running rampant in my head anymore; more lastingly optimistic – beyond just previous fleeting feel-good moments immediately following something positive I read; more trusting of myself – to make the right decisions for me, as well as to handle whatever comes my way; more accepting and loving , especially towards myself – before this, I did not even know what it meant to be in relationship with myself; empowered – having created a vision of how I want to “show up” and who I get to be. I would highly recommend both the teacher – Coach Maq – and the lessons – Inner Child Series, Spiritual Morning Calls, One-on-one Coaching, etc…  For anyone willing to do their part and do their work, this is quite possibly one of the best investments to make in oneself.
S, Aryokot Annapolis, MD
What do you give someone who has everything? The gift of enrichment, the gift of experience, the gift of Maqele.  Simply put, Maqele provided a priceless vision session that left me feeling more confident about my future while, equally challenging me with practical exercises to expand past my fears and actively achieve higher levels of personal growth. Give yourself this gift and you'll never look back. 
J. McLauren Columbia, MD
I celebrate you Coach Maq!  I had to wait for you to come forth and PUSH (yes PUSH, lol) me onto the road.  The forest has been so dark and you came along, shining light in my eyes...and instead of saying okay, I’ll dim it, you said “open your eyes woman! It’s time!  It’s time!  
Now... strut like you know you carry a blessing!
R. Brown,  Buffalo, New York